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First impressions last.

The image you project is your single greatest asset in a world with too little time for second best.
And the world's perception of you relates directly to the level of success you enjoy.
Never has it been more important to look good. Never has the power to make others look good been in such high demand.

At Make-up by Melo we have created flexible training in luxury grooming

The Make-up by Melo approach has always been hands-on, practical and customised to the needs and expectations of your business, your staff and, most importantly, your clientele.

With that in mind, Make-up by Melo has created a range of flexible luxury grooming courses for your front of house team and staff.

Designed specifically to teach techniques that will allow your staff to present your business and brand in the best possible light. In addition, my courses are different because my focus is also on imbuing confidence in your team - confidence that is projected to your clients and in turn reflected back upon you.

Make-up by Melo puts a high priority on delivering quality instruction and guidance. My classes cater to no more than 10 participants at any one time.


Subject to pre-training consultation to customise your programme, flexible training modules include:

  • How to create the right first impression.
  • How to apply the right make up yourself to help create that impression
  • Choosing and creating the best hairstyle.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming for the modern business.

Why choose Make-up by Melo?

Make-up by Melo is the brainchild of Melodie Briere, a professionally-trained make-up artist with over 8 years of experience in the world of fashion, luxury retail and photography. Her experience working with elite brands like Chanel and Dior has shown that a commitment to the highest standards of precision and personal attention to detail creates a positive difference in the client experience.

Melodie brings the same philosophy that has garnered her so many accolades in her personal professional career to Make-up by Melo. She has transformed trainees into some of the best and most professional teams who aim to attain those standards of excellence through the effective make-up, grooming and personal hygiene.
She can do the same for you.