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Modern Sixties

Written by Super User. Posted in Makeup Tips.


YESSSSSSSSS! This fall , the sixties are back with a vengence! From the psycadelic patterns to the square heel knee high boot.

Its all about a groovy sophistication and I will be giving you top tips on how to get that 60's cut crease and mean eye liner.

Lets start from the beginning , a "Cut Crease" is a technique of eye makeup. The lid will look very bright and can be any colour , while your eye crease will be very obvious by drawing a sharp black line to make the "cut" . It is usually sealed with a great eyeliner that can be any width you like. Personally I prefer it very close to the lashes for an understated look.

To achieve this look you will need three eyeshadows , one very bright or white , one medium dark and a very black one , Illamasqua has the Obsidian . For the affordable buy have a look at  Inglot 's palettes, they definately do the trick and you can pick a lot of strong pigmented coulours for little money. You will also need a good liquid eyeliner , my favourite one at the moment is the Dior Art Pen , easy to use and long lasting... you will thank me later! You can add a white eyeliner for the bottom water line , that will open your eye and give a very sixties feel. You can finish the look off with fabulous eyelashes , my favourite are made by Mac because they are good quality and not too expensive. A good set of brushes will help you with this look.

First press the lighter colour on the mobile lid, make sure it is blended but noticeable. Then use your darker colour softly on the crease area. Make sure its edges are faded as it will change the whole look if it seems patchy. For big impact , use your black with a very small corner blending brush , use the tip of the brush to make the sharp line then blend it out very slightly. You can go back with the light colour on your brow bone to give a sexy contrast. When this is all looking smashing , put on your eyeliners and then your lashes with black eyelash glue ( it will look even better than normal glue). For a crazy doll look , you can also draw the bottom lashes on !!! 



There are many variations your can do with this technique , try it and let me know if it does the trick.

Bisous ladies.


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