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CHANEL VS DIOR  MY favourite products.


Hello my lovelies, as you know I am now working for Dior after three great years with Chanel. The question on everybody’s tongue is “ So, what’s best? Chanel or Dior?” , it is very difficult to answer so I will give you the best of both worlds in this must have list.


Lets start with the essentials , Le Blanc de Chanel is a silky smooth primer that gives very good result especially if you have dry skin. You can also use it to make a gorgeous cream blusher by scraping off a bit of coloured powder and mixing them together. The only downside it that you have to use your fingers and it might be a bit heavy for oily skin but fear not, Dior Have Skinflash , which is a brush primer. Its very easy to use and has a lighter feel on the skin.


The best foundation for my skin is Nude from Dior , I really like the fact that you can find your exact colour as they will have a selection for neutral , pink , yellow or olive undertone. Making it a very natural finish. Chanel and Dior both have Amazing foundations its then up to you to try it on and see how it lasts and evolves on your skin.


Now to mascaras…uh oh! Fierce competition there as you have the Inimitable and Le Volume from Chanel and Overcurl and Blackout from Dior ! Inimitable will separate and give a natural but kind of spiky look to your lashes whereas Le volume will …give you…volume. But here is the twist! Blackout is THE mascara for false lash effect , very dramatic finish with a jet black colour ! I know a LOT of ladies who love and recommend this one as the ultimate mascara for a glamorous lady. I personally love Overcurl as the finish is natural but really defines and separates each lash, curling them at the same time.


Dior eyeshadows are Amazing! they are long-lasting and very well pigmented. Also they are much better value for your money as they contain in weight about four times what Chanel sells.I do have a place in my heart for Illusion D’Ombre as they blend so well together and they are very soft and long lasting . Beware! Close them properly or they will dry out very quickly.


The lipstick of the moment is the new Addict Fluid Stick . GET THEM ALL!!!  Its moisturising , glossy and frankly, stays on very well . Chanel have a very mat range of gorgeous lipstick that are in vogue as well as Dior does not do a mat range , Rouge Allure Velvet, my favourite in this range is La Favorite 43 .


DINGDINGDING! Fights OVER! its a Draw! Now its up to you to try it out and tell me what is your favorite! 

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